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Ini adalah cuplikan cerita dari Muhammad Ali ketika wawancara di Inggris tahun 1971.

Singkat cerita, Ali menceritakan rasa ingin tahunya ketika ia masih kecil. Ali sangat heran kenapa hal yang baik-baik selalu berwarna putih, dan hal yang buruk-buruk selalu berwarna hitam.

Konteks cuplikan suara berikut sangat relevan dengan periode waktu Muhammad Ali, yaitu di era 50an dan 60an.

Berikut cuplikannya,

Sementara mendengar cuplikan, baca lah transkripsi di bawah podcast.


Things are getting much better but I always wonder when I went to church on sunday, I’ve always been wanted to, I’m not just a boxer, I do a lot of reading, a lot of studying, I go out, I ask questions, I watch how other people lives, and I learn.

And I always ask my mother, I said mother, how comes is everything white? why is jesus white with blonde hair and blue eyes, why all lord’s supper all white men. Angels are white, pope, and the Mary. I said mother, when we die do we go to heaven?

She said, ‘yeah naturally we go to heaven’. And I said, well what happen to all the black angel when they took the picture? And I said, oh I know. If the white folks were in the heaven too, and the black angels were in the kitchen preparing the milk and honey! She said “listen, you quit saying that!”

But I always curious, and I wonder why I had to die to go to heaven. Why I couldn’t have pretty cars and good money and nice homes now? Why do I have to wait till I die to get milk and honey. I said ‘mama, I don’t want no milk and honey, I like steaks. And I said, milk and honey is a laxative anyway. Do they have a lot of bathrooms in heaven?’

So anyway, I was always curious, I always wonder why, you know, Tarzan is the king of the Africa, he was white. I saw this white man, swinging around in the Africa with a diaper on hollerin ‘haaaauuuuooooo’. Do you all see Tarzan over here? do you see Tarzan?

And all the Africans he’s beating them up and breaking the lion’s jaw. And here’s Tarzan talking to the animals and the African’s been there for centuries, they can’t yet talk to the animals. Only Tarzan can talk to the animals. I was always wonder why, Ms. America was always white. All the beautiful brown women in America, beautiful sun tans, beautiful shapes, all type of complexion. But she was always white. And Ms world was always white. Ms Universe was always white. And then they got some stuff called “white house cigars”, “white swan soap”, “king white soap”, “white cloud tissue paper”, “white rain hair spray” white tornado flo’ wax”.

Everything was white, santa claus was white. And everything black was bad. The little ugly duckling was a black duck. And the black cat was a bad luck. And if I threaten you I’m gonna black mail you. ‘I said mama, why don’t they call it white mail. They lie too!’

So I was always curious.

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