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Bahaya Memakan Lobster (Podcast)

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Berikut merupakan rekaman, kenapa lobster begitu berbahaya untuk dimakan. Podcast berikut dalam bahasa Inggris.

Brothers the reason why lobster was disdained was because up until the mid 1800s, lobster was understood to be a scavenger, which is what it is. For those of you brothers who know the scriptures, you know that in Leviticus the 11th chapter it tells you not to eat bottom feeders. What are bottom feeders, lobster, crabs, shrimp, oysters, clams, mussels, right. You’re not supposed to eat those things.

Things like octopus and squid and cuttlefish and all this other crazy shit that’s in the ocean.  That’s in there for a purpose and a reason. Even conventional science will tell you that crustacean as they call are basically overgrown underwater insects, their job is to do away with dead animals all right that’s what lobsters and crabs do they eat dead fish that is their job in the same way that the swine that the pig is a scavenger. A pig will eat a deteriorating flesh, corpses, feces all right. That’s why you’re not supposed to eat swine because you will get something called trichinosis. Trichinosis is basically when you get infected with intestinal worms, those worms eventually move to your body to your blood stream and they enter your muscle cause excessive fatigue, in some cases death you’re not supposed to eat those things.

Now we see Mc Donald advertise their hot dogs with lobster. “even if you do eat lobster why the hell would you eat a lobster from Mc donalds, Mc d don’t even offer real meat you think they offer you real lobster?” I don’t know what that shit but I guarantee you that lobster roll at Mc D that’s not real lobster meat, allegedly, but I promise you that.

But no man, not no damn lobster and crab, those are bottom feeders, that’s why you have people who suffer allergic reaction when they eat those foods. All right.

Back in the day, when I used to eat lobster shrimp and crab, I used to go in.

Like I didn’t go to restaurant, I used to cook that shit, I used to cook the hell out of it.

One day I had a shrimp cocktail, I had a shrimp cocktail I woke up the next day and my whole left side was numb. From my left hip all the way down to my foot was numb. ‘I said what the f*** is going on’. My whole left leg was numb. I had never had that type of reaction before. And it took me a while to realize that it was the shrimp. But you know, me being a hard head, I went out like two weeks later I bought another shrimp cocktail same thing happen I said ‘wow I never had this reaction before to this food but I guess I better stop eating it’. And this is before I came in to the knowledge.

Once again, a lot of people have allergic reaction, they have skin inflammation and things of that nature. They don’t understand that it’s the food that they’re eating. Certain food that you’re eating cause a toxicity in your blood and that results in skin inflammation like psoriasis and eczema, certain things that a lot of people start to suffer from eating this food. You’re not supposed to eating shrimp crab and lobster.


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